Sam does about 20 speaking engagements a year.  If your orchid society, group or judging center is looking for speaker for the monthly meeting, conference, or shows, Sam can be available for a presentation.

Here are the topics available:

1.  Multifloral Paphiopedilum and Their Culture
2.  The Brachypetalum and Their Culture
3.  The Parvisepalum and Their Culture
4.  The Sequential Blooming and Their Culture
5.  The Brachypetalum and Parvisepalum and Their Culture

The first four topics will last for 50 minutes to an hour including short question/answer session.  However, # 5 may take a little longer.

For the more advance topics, Sam can do:

1.  Paphiopedilum sanderianum and their Hybrids.
2.  Paphiopedilum rothschildianum and their Hybrids.
3.  Paphiopedilum adductum/anitum and their Hybrids

He normally present these three to the judging centers or special interest groups.  However he has presented these to the societies a few times before!

If you have a special topic on Paphiopedilum, Sam may be able to customize your needs.


1.  All presentations will be on PowerPoint.  So he will need a computer and a digital projector for the presentation.
2.  Transportation and lodging - any meeting place is  further than 6 hours or 350 miles driving, Sam prefers to fly.  Society will expect to pay for mileage charge at $0.50 per mile in both directions or coach round trip airfare.  One night business rating hotel stay will be required unless within 3 hours driving.  Sam will book his flight and hotel if all possible.  
3.  Speaker fee - fee is $150 per speaking.  He will waive the speaker fee if he receives a minimum of $500 in pre-orders at least one week prior to the meeting.  Sam will offer a 10% discount for all pre-order except for divisions and again must be received one week prior to the meeting.
4.  Sam will bring plants/flasks to sell at your event.
5.  Sam encourages the societies near by to share all his expenses by speaking to multiple societies, providing all meetings are within a reasonable time fame.
6.  Sam usually has a very busy schedule, societies should book him at least six months in advance.  
7.  Any international speaking engagement, please contact Sam directly for details and requirements.