Plants will be shipped in-pot. We also offer bare-root shipping, roots will be packed with moist sphagnum or shredded wax paper. Please advise us if you prefer bare-root shipping option.

We ship Monday thru Wednesday.  We do not ship towards the end of the week as we prefer to try and avoid the plants sitting over the weekend in a storage facility.

Flasks will be shipped in flask. We have very good result in shipping flask in flask in the new clear hard plastic container. For the good of the plants, we will fill the flask inside with soft foam peanut or cotton tissue material right before we ship. However you must deflask within a few days after arrival. Or upon request, we can ship flask out of flask. We will wash off the agar, pack the plants with moistened paper towel and place the plants back inside the flask. If this option is chosen, there will be a $4 service charge for each flask deflasking. In either way, we guarantee safe arrival. We can also ship the flask as is without any fillings. Then we can not guarantee the plants inside without damage due to jumbling during transit.

All orders will be shipped FedEx 2 days. Shipping charges will be $20.00 for the first plant or flask, $2.00 to $6.00 charge for EACH additional plant depending on size. Each additional flask is $2. All plants are shipped in pot unless you are notified.

For winter or special shipments, we can ship FedEx Next day upon request. If you prefer to have the package being held for pickup at near by FedEx Ship Center or FedEx Office/Station, please instruct us to do so. This way, the package will be kept in room temperature until you pickup at your own convenience. We will use insulate box to protect plants/flasks from heat/cold as needed. During extremely hot/cold weather, we may hold summer/winter shipments until weather permits. Upon request, we can also ship via Postal Priority Mail. But we can not guarantee the package will arrive in two days.

If damage appears to have occurred in transit, please notify the carrier and us immediately.

For Hawaii, Alaska and foreign countries including Canada order, please contact us for extra documentation and packaging/shipping charges.